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ROZETKA store, 2nd floor, near the service area, (the Central Post Office premises)

Our advantages

Prompt execution of orders
Use of modern equipment
Experience, professionalism and competence of employees
Free consultations on the image and style of the client
Availability of provided services
Modern technologies in sewing and repairing clothes

Dry cleaning services in Kiev

Dry cleaning of clothes
Dry cleaning of clothes
from 295 UAH
Fur and leather cleaning and painting
Fur and leather cleaning and painting
from 1000 UAH
Shoe refinishing /painting
Shoe refinishing /painting
from 575 UAH
from 575 UAH
from 60 UAH
Home textiles
Home textiles
from 195 UAH
Painting accessories
Painting accessories
from 500 UAH
Removing stains
Removing stains
from 195 UAH
Shirts dry cleaning
from 225 UAH
Dress starting
from 425 UAH
from 100 UAH
Dry-cleaning of a terry robe
from 325 UAH
Men's two-piece suit
from 475 UAH
Women's two-piece suit
from 475 UAH
from 225UAH

Как мы работаем

Clothing collection point

You hand over your clothing to the nearest collection point or order a field service at a convenient address


The item is examined by a craftsperson. Damage and customer request are explored.


Based on the conducted analysis, the items are cleaned according to proper technologies, which can not only effectively deal with the existing dirt, but also guarantee the safety of your belongings.

Finishing treatment

После чистки изделия проходят тепловую обработку на гладильных столах и пароманекенах для придания им первоначальной формы и безупречного внешнего вида.


Each order undergoes double quality control, all clothes are packed in a plastic bag


You can pick up a completed order at the collection point or at the specified address


In our work, we use state of the art and sophisticated equipment by the best European manufacturers

Dry cleaning machines

Eazy Clean


Firbimatic Экогрин




Cleaning products

The processing of clothing is carried out with advanced European products that comply with environmental commitment

Chemicals manufacturers

Green Earth






How to place an order?
Choose the address indicated on the website in the "Contacts" section, or use the field service - we will arrive at the indicated address ourselves at your convenience
How to pay for an order?
The order can be paid at checkout, in cash or by credit card at the points of collection, as well as to the courier when accepting or issuing a completed order
How much is delivery?
UAH 250 in Kyiv
How long does it take to dry clean clothes?
2 to 7 days
How is dry cleaning performed?
Each item is inspected by a technologist at the production. The composition and structure of the fabric, the types of stains and dirt are studied, and the acceptable processing methods are determined. Based on the conducted analysis, the items are cleaned according to proper technologies, which can not only effectively deal with the existing dirt, but also guarantee the safety of your belongings.
What is the difference between dry cleaning and washing?
The fundamental difference between dry cleaning lies in the processing technology that does not involve water, because this is dry cleaning. This method of treatment has a number of advantages: the fabric does not shrink during dry cleaning, the colour of clothes and the structure of the material are preserved. Dry cleaning can be used on materials that are incompatible with moisture, such as leather and fur.
Does the courier inspect the items upon receipt?
No, the courier indicates the number of items on the receipt. Professional inspection and registration is carried out by a technologist at the dry cleaner’s.
Can I receive my order without a receipt?
Yes, you can, but to receive your order, you will need to have a document proving your identity

Feedback on the dry cleaner’s

I recommend, ordered the service of dry cleaning of men’s suits, high quality.


Thank you for your work. We are really satisfied with the quality, level of service and timing.


I ordered dry cleaning of a dress and a blouse. The cleaning took three days, everything is of high quality. I am very very happy, I thought nothing would change) Thank you.



Good news! Now there is no need to look for clothing studio and dry cleaning in separate places, think about where to hand over things and then to pick them up on a loop!

At MY ATELIER we have combined all the best together!

Now dry cleaning and a clothing studio are right in the centre of Kyiv at Khreshchatyk.

Only here, gentle chemistry and innovative methods of working with fabrics. Even the most delicate and demanding clothes will look perfect. Have you experienced fabric thinning after conventional dry cleaning? This does not happen with us. The times of aggressive exposure when dry cleaning are over, because the softer the agents used in the process, the better the result and the more durable the item.

Now, after a funny celebration, wedding and just daily wearing of your favourite clothes, it will always remain in perfect shape. Our services are available, you do not have to choose a convenient moment in order to put your outfit in order, it will become your daily routine!

We also provide clothing dyeing services in Kyiv. Due to MY ATELIER, the most intense and brightest colours will remain this way for a long time. Restoring natural colour is not a quick, but very convenient way to restore the original look of your favourite clothes.

We are passionate about our work, always ready to advise you on the care of your outfit and help you to face up any challenge that can be met thanks to the skill and professionalism of MY ATELIER!

Clothing studio in Kyiv, prices for repair, refinishing, fitting clothes to a figure. To see the prices for women’s clothing repair services, men’s clothing repair, children’s clothing repair, sewing textiles, additional services, you can click on the “Price” tabs below.

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