Clothing studio

Clothing studio at Rozetka
Clothing studio services
Kyiv, Khreshchatyk, 20-22.
ROZETKA store, 2nd floor, near the service area, (the Central Post Office premises)

Our advantages

Prompt execution of orders
Use of modern equipment
Experience, professionalism and competence of employees
Free consultations on the image and style of the client
Availability of provided services
Modern technologies in sewing and repairing clothes

Atelier services in Kiev

Male suit fitting
Male suit fitting
from 500 UAH
Female suit fitting
Female suit fitting
from 400 UAH
Trousers felling
Trousers felling
from 150 UAH
Zipper replacement
Zipper replacement
from 200 UAH
Jeans mending
Jeans mending
from 150 UAH
Dress fitting
Dress fitting
from 250 UAH
Shirts fitting
Shirts fitting
from 180 UAH
Repair of outerwear
Repair of outerwear
from 40 UAH
Minor repairs
Minor repairs
from 50 UAH
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The way we work

Clothing collection point

You hand over your clothing to the nearest collection point or order a field service at a convenient address.


The item is examined by a craftsperson. Damage and customer request are explored.

Refinishing, repair of clothes

Based on the conducted analysis, a service of refinishing and repair of clothes is performed.

Finishing treatment

After repair, the items are heat treated on ironing tables to give them their original shape and flawless appearance.


Each order undergoes double quality control, all clothes are packed in a plastic bag.


You can pick up a completed order at the collection point or at the specified address.


In our work, we use state of the art equipment by the best world manufacturers

Sewing machines





Type Special



High quality accessories and adhesives are used for your clothes refinishing

Accessories manufacturers

Dor Tak

Hong Kong





How to place an order?
Choose the address indicated on the website in the "Contacts" section, or use the field service - e will arrive at the indicated address ourselves at your convenience.
How to pay for an order?
The order can be paid at checkout, in cash or by credit card at the points of collection, as well as to the courier when accepting or issuing a completed order
How much is delivery and calling a craftsperson?
UAH 250 in Kyiv
How long does it take to repair clothes?
1 to 7 days
How is clothing repair performed?
Each item is inspected by a technologist. Damage is studied and acceptable methods of repair and refinishing are determined. Based on the conducted analysis, repairs or restoration of the product is carried out guaranteeing safety of your belongings
The craftsperson’s on-site visit
At your convenience, the craftsperson will come at your address, make a fitting, indicate the number of items in the receipt. Agree on order schedules
Can I receive my order without a receipt?
Yes, you can, but to receive your order, you will need to have a document proving your identity


This is not the first time I have applied to the studio. They perform orders on time, if there are no promotions. I am very pleased with the work that the craftspersons make for me. I ordered taking in of skirts, the repair of jeans and dresses.


With the appearance of MY ATELIER, you no longer need to look for a clothing studio, and then get to it for a long time. We are located just on Khreshchatyk, in downtown Kyiv and provide the widest range of services for minor and major repairs of clothes, fitting and altering clothes in Kyiv.

Now even the most unexpected and annoying incidents with your belongings can be easily eliminated professionally and in no time.

We offer a variety of clothing repairs, for any situation and request. If you need to quickly correct a defect that appeared at the most unexpected moment, down to one hour before an important event – you are exactly at the right place! MY ATELIER is a modern clothing studio on Maidan, where they can quickly, although without much ado, carry out minor repairs of your clothes.

We are also ready to accept for refinishing the items that need professional major repairs, those dear to your heart dresses and suits. We are sure to give them a new life, even if it seems like a difficult task. The clothing repair shop employs only highly qualified tailors and craftspersons who know how to carry out major and minor repairs of complex and structural styles.

We are guided by the principles of conscious consumption, and we believe that every thing should be of high quality and please you for a long time. And if suddenly you need unexpected repair of any complexity, now there is no need to give your favorite clothing away for a long time – we will do everything efficiently and quickly. For us, clothing repair is an improvement, therefore, no one will ever notice what exactly has been altered, because your image will become perfectly complete!

MY ATELIER is here for you to live your vibrant life, and we will take care of the long and beautiful life of your favourite clothes!

+380 50 959 87 78

Kyiv, Khreshchatyk, 20-22 ROZETKA store, 2nd floor, near the service area, (the Central Post Office premises)

Working hours: 10.00-19.00