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Save Ukraine – #StopWar

On February 24, 2022, Russia insidiously attacked Ukraine. And the war came to our native land…

The occupiers are destroying our towns and villages, killing our citizens, taking out our children. Dozens of cities have already been wiped off the face of Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians who lived in peace, built their country, started families, raised children, dreamed of a happy future, but lost everything. Millions of our compatriots have lost their homes, relatives, friends – they have lost everything! They were forced to flee from the death of “Russian peace” because they did not want to live in “peace”.

Hundreds of thousands of women and children were forced to leave their homeland to save themselves and have a chance to return after our Victory! Hundreds of thousands of men defended their homeland, risking their lives every minute, but destroying the enemy.

See what the once flourishing corners of Ukraine look like now, how our people survive, feel the disaster that has come to our land.

In this difficult time, we can not stand aside! Like thousands of our brothers and sisters who have volunteered and helped everyone in need, we are trying to save and create new jobs, helping our compatriots from Donetsk and Kharkiv oblasts who have suffered as a result of the war.

We are fighting for peace, for good, for our future, because we are a peaceful nation! And we will win!

We urge you to help Ukraine and Ukrainians!

What we help

All funds raised will be spent on helping IDPs, providing them with basic necessities, food, medicine, clothing and creating conditions for employment.
Clothes and shoes
Children's goods


Organization of courses in tailoring and sewing for all comers, where migrants can learn to sew clothes, create patterns and model them, sew on a typewriter. We will also provide an opportunity to get a new profession, which may be a great start for business in the near future after the war.

We make our army invincible!

For the needs of the APU, we sew tactical equipment, unloading and bulletproof vests. You can help make our army truly bulletproof!

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